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i twisted


     si comunica che la struttura

      è chiusa per tutto il 2023

la casa

                                                                                         THE HOUSE

Historical 18th century country house with essential and elegant lines immersed in the Florentine Romagna stands out with its antique pink plaster in the heart of a small village formerly the customs office, on the border between the Papal State and the Grand Duchy of Tuscany along the Via Faentina, the ancient Antonina which connected Florentia with Faventia.

Particular suggestion derives from having always been the home of artists, painters and musicians, and as such suffused with a particular atmosphere that intrigued us and guided our choices.

Embraced on two sides by the lush greenery of a garden full of colours, scents and dedicated corners, suitable for idleness and meditation, it is the ideal starting point for those who want to get to know the Mugello area on the Tuscan side or travel the Romagna Apennines down along the course of the Lamone (for Brisighella to Faenza) or even wandering around the woods and valleys, through all kinds of itineraries (by car, by train, by bicycle, on foot, on horseback) naturalistic, historical, artistic, literary, gourmet,
To the beauties of Florence and Ravenna: about an hour and a half by car or train.


le camere


Hospitality in the house is offered on the upper floor (we are staying on the ground floor) in two bedrooms and two small suites, all with en-suite bathrooms, as well as in welcoming common areas, but exclusive for guests (bright breakfast room with a captivating summer terrace reading room, tantalizing tasting cellar), dedicated to different needs and interests who find here a way to express themselves and converse in a comfortable and stimulating atmosphere.
Furnished each with a simple style, never anonymous, respectful of traditional taste and attentive to modern comfort, characterized by different color notes, embellished with authentic kilims, author photos, intriguing furnishing elements, the rooms have their own soul, evoked by verses of poetry which for each suggest the particular link with the name of the structure.
In each of them you will find everything you need to prepare and enjoy a tea or herbal tea whenever you want, without giving up the fragrance of a fresh artisan biscuit, the greedy whim of an exclusive chocolate or the exclusivity of the maron glace  locally grown
To guarantee you complete relaxation, our rooms are not equipped with a TV, but the discreet presence of some books or magazines will tempt you by peeping between one piece of furniture and another.
To ensure that the limited number of guests is given special attention to everyone, we have not provided triple rooms and we do not add beds to existing ones.

i servizi


daily cleaning of rooms and services

change of bed and bath linen

every three days

free wifi

on the whole structure with password

internal parking

reserved, free, with automatic gate

seminars and exhibitions

rooms in the basement with exposed stone


border wines in the house cellar


with  thermoregulation 

independent for each environment

reading and relaxation room

wide choice of texts and honesty bar

shelter for bicycles and motorcycles

covered and under video surveillance

artist residencies the territory

taste labs

border cuisine in conviviality

sweet and savory breakfast

home made sweets.. km0 delicatessen..

 cafeteria at the table

garden with solarium

broad and mature with night lighting


to and from the nearest train and bus station

handcrafted creations

small costume jewelery signed 'lo sghimbescio'

picnic basket

for two on request complete with crockery

galleria immagini




  • crops and cultures (1)
    crops and cultures (1)
    in September - day and time to be defined
    Via Casa Fabbri 38, 50034 Popolano FI, Italy
    in September - day and time to be defined
    Via Casa Fabbri 38, 50034 Popolano FI, Italy
    in September - day and time to be defined
    Via Casa Fabbri 38, 50034 Popolano FI, Italy
    to break clods, to take root
  • the crease and the groove
    the crease and the groove
    Fri, 13 Apr
    Via Casa Fabbri, 38, 50034 Popolano FI, Italy
    13 Apr 2018, 15:00 – 26 Apr 2018, 18:00
    Via Casa Fabbri, 38, 50034 Popolano FI, Italy
    13 Apr 2018, 15:00 – 26 Apr 2018, 18:00
    Via Casa Fabbri, 38, 50034 Popolano FI, Italy
    encounter for figures and voices where and when the furrow turns into a fold and the fold furrows the soul



in Florentine Romagna

historic border area between

Grand Duchy of Tuscany and Papal States 

today includes the municipalities of

Marradi, Palazzuolo sul Senio and Firenzuola, as well as Alto Mugello

-Museum of the historical landscape of the Apennines


-Stone Museum


-Mountain People Museum

-Upper Mugello Archaeological Museum

 Palazzuolo sul Senio

but already in Marradi

Hermitage of Gamogna, Badia S.Reparata,

Theater of the Spirited

in Mugello 

wide green valley 

north - northeast of Florence

includes the municipalities of

 Barberino Borgo San Lorenzo

Scarperia and San Piero , Vicchio

 -Civic Museum of the Chini Manufacture 

Borgo San Lorenzo

-Museum of peasant civilization of Casa D'erci

Borgo San Lorenzo - loc. Raw

-Museum of Cutting Irons 


-Giotto's house

Vicchio - Colle Vespignano

cities of art and villages 

to Florence and Ravenna with Dante's train

but  also  

in Brisighella,

-via del Borgo or Donkeys

-the Manfredian fortress 

-The Pieve del Thò

-Regional park  Gypsum Vein of Romagna

and more...

in Faenza

-International museum of ceramics 

-Manfredian Library

-Piazza del popolo..the palaces..the churches

and more




on foot, by bicycle, on horseback

guided and non-guided tours

to farms, craft shops, 


at 5 minuti


 at 11 minutes

chestnut harvest

in season in the surrounding area


anna rita's bijoux


if you had the patience to get here,

it's time to introduce ourselves

we have been working for decades,  in contexts other than this,

in the sign of hospitality,

the more authentic one that is mutual and respectful or it is not

mutual, when and where host

he is the one who is hosted but also the one who hosts,

so that when one hosts the other in their daily lives

know how to create the conditions for the other to host him in their own,

with equal curiosity and trust

respectful, when and where no one

he must give up his sensitivity to be accepted ,

rather make it available for dialogue with those of others,

and above all being able to 

a convivial sense of welcome and an effect of gratitude on goodbye

today that then professional experience

feeds the pleasure of meeting and knowledge

in space and with time

of a caring but not intrusive proximity

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